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My two passions are architecture and nature.  When I see a photograph, I see the light reflecting and refracting; I see strong lines leading my eyes into shadows, providing shape and dimension.  I look at colors, complementing each other, and find the finest of detail.  I credit the way I look at the world to Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz, with a twist from Edward Gorey. 


I want to show beauty where there is chaos.  I want to show there can be beauty in structures, and in flowers that grow out of the cracks in the sidewalks.  I want to show that even in this violent world, there is still beauty, there is still humor and there is still love.  When I watch a sunset, I feel an overwhelming feeling of love.  It fills me up and for that moment everything is good, nothing bad is happening.  I try to get the sunset in as many photos as I can, whether it’s the backdrop of a building, or simply filling the frame.  I want to give hope where there is none.  I want to inspire confidence with strong lines of stability.  I want to share that feeling of wholeness and sanity in this insane world.  

Artist Statement

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